Saying SORRY doesn’t mean that U r Wrong & the other person is Right – It means U respect your relationship more than your Ego~♥

Found this as a post on someone’s FB page today & thought it was pretty appropriate considering the weekend I just had.  It’s pretty similar to a phrase I used to use on my husband when we first met – “Do you want to be right or do you want to be loved?”  Believe me – this is pre-Dr. Phil!

When I first met my husband, more than anything, he always needed to be right – even if he was wrong.  He would twist what he was saying around & around until somehow he ended up being in the right & “I told you I was right!” would explode out of his mouth.  My husband was married twice before I met him & from what I can gather his ex-wives (at least from his point of view) were always putting him down.  Then he met me – a person who says what I think & means what I say.  If I say “I don’t like that shirt on you” what I mean is I don’t like that shirt on you.  I don’t mean you look fat in that shirt, I don’t mean you look dumb in that shirt – I do mean I don’t like that shirt on you.   If I say “I don’t care for that idea” I mean I don’t like the idea – I don’t mean that’s a stupid idea & you’re a really stupid person for even suggesting it.  It took him a long time to figure this out.

Now when he gets into a “being right” place, especially about something that really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, I just ask him “Do you want to be right or do you want to be loved?”  Sometimes I get “I want to be loved, but . . .” & sometimes he lets go of being right because he now realizes it’s better to choose your battles than fight about something minor & annoy the s— out of me.