Just to make it clear, let me state this emphatically – “I love everything Audrey Hepburn related.”  I have loved all her movies all my life.  I grew up on her movies.  Who can forget Breakfast at Tiffanys?  Sabrina?  War & Peace?  My Fair Lady?  She was brilliant as Sister Luke in “A Nun’s Story.”  I will never forget her playing the sheltered princess in “Roman Holiday.”  She was cute & tough in “Funny Face” & tough & vulnerable at the same time in “Wait Until Dark.”  A picture of unhappiness in “2 for the Road” where the car becomes a central character in the story.

But my all time favourite Audrey Hepburn movie – “Charade” with Cary Grant!  This movie has so many twists & turns, good guys becoming bad guys & vice versa, you’re never quite sure who is doing what to whom.  Near the beginning of the movie Audrey’s character is talking with another skier at the resort & they are comparing notes.  One of them can’t remember the name of the ski instructor, so they refer to him as “Benzeknees” which he is famous for saying.  And this saying has stuck with me all these years.  Every time I start to do something new, I remind myself to Benzekneees.  For me this phrase signifies learning something new & this is why it became the title of my blog – I am learning something new.  I am learning to write for other people to read again.

So now that little mystery is solved, let’s see if I can get back to more posts on a more regular basis.