I say this because I finally got my Christmas present from my husband yesterday – a cover for my new e-reader & a light attachment.  According to him, he ordered them on Dec. 10.  They were ordered through Amazon.com.  He opted for the red cover rather than the purple one (my favorite color) because the red one was supposedly in stock so he said he thought there was a chance I would have it in time for Christmas.  Even though we hadn’t received the product, we kept getting these emails asking us to rate their service & our satisfaction with the product.  Meantime my husband (K) is trying to track down where my gift is.  Finally, he filled out one of the surveys, giving Amazon.com the lowest rating possible.  One day later he got a call from Amazon, asking why such a low rating.  When he explained what was going on, they offered to send another one for free if he would adjust his rating.  He said send the free one & when I receive it I will adjust my rating.  It arrived yesterday (a full month after Christmas).

Now that I think about it, if he got it for free because of poor customer service, does this still count as a Christmas gift?  Hmmmmmmm . . . Wait, wait hands off the keys while I put out my head (which has exploded into flame from thinking so hard).  Maybe I should opt for a bigger better Valentiane gift since he got off practically scot-free on the Christmas gift?  Plus the only time I REALLY care about getting a nice gift is for my birthday & K forgot my birthday this year & then got my Christmas present for free, I think he got off pretty easy this year!

If you’ve been following me, you know K & I didn’t really celebrate Christmas in the usual way this year, we had a pretty rough holiday season.  I know, I know, it’s bound to happen after 15 years.  K & I fought 3 weeks before Christmas when he forgot my birthday.  We moved into a condo this year from a house & K wanted to put up the 2 foot tree, but I wanted the full size tree.  Because he wasn’t getting his way, K put up the tree & lights really late (that’s his only job, I do all the rest of the decorating).  Then on Christmas Eve K got really sick with a bad cold & proceeded to sleep right through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.  While he slept I watched Christmas movies & puttered around playing games on the computer.  Then on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) I got really sick with pneumonia.  Both of us were so sick neither of us even thought about Christmas until New Year’s Eve, when we finally opened our gifts (the ones that we had anyway).

Sometime between Christmas & New Years I quit smoking after 44 years.  I looked down on myself huddled up in a parka on my balcony, sicker than a dog, trying to smoke a cigarette but not inhale because I couldn’t breathe & thought to myself “What is wrong with this picture?”  I came in off the balcony & thought to myself I’m too sick to smoke, so I’ll just try not to smoke anymore today.  Then the next day I tried the same reasoning & before I knew it a few days had strung together & I still wasn’t smoking.  It’s now been over 3 weeks & I”m still taking it a day at a time & still not smoking.  I can smell things I haven’t smelled in years (not all of them good believe me!), my tastebuds are changing too.  One of the things I’ve noticed though – how do non-smokers know when they’re finished something?  When I used to smoke, I would finish something & go out for a smoke, then go on to the next thing & when finished go out for a smoke.  When I finish a job now I’m not sure what to do with myself.  I have to distract myself by starting something else right away.  If this keeps up I might actually get something accomplished this year!

BTW, my Christmas tree is still up – I’ll have to get around to taking it down one of these days. . .