I know I am deeply mourning the loss of my beloved Bandit (Husky/Rottie Cross) at the end of June, 2011.  He was a beautiful, intelligent dog who stole my heart the first time I saw him, hence the name “Bandit.”  I thought my husband was handling it a little better than I am.  And then yesterday happened.

Sometime during the afternoon, my husband noticed a pigeon on our balcony railing.  We had never seen this before.  Shortly afterward, the pigeon ended up on the floor of our balcony.  So my husband was out there checking to make sure the pigeon is OK.

“Bring me some bread for this poor fella” was the first I knew about the pigeon.

Before long there was an old oversized tea towel, some bread & a small cup of water out on the balcony for the bird.  He kept going out all evening to check on the bird.  One of the first things he did this morning was check on the bird.  The bird, of course, is still there.  Why wouldn’t it still be there?  With all those comforts?  Just in case the bird is hurt I’m going to give it a few days to recover, but this bird is not staying as a permanent fixture on my balcony!  Pigeons are ungrateful – we fed & watered it & it repaid us by shitting on our balcony!

Maybe I should go get my husband an aquarium after all.