There has been so much discussion over the last week about the importance of Valentine’s Day on the radio, the TV, on the blogs & on Facebook.  Some people (generally those who are in stable relationships) think Valentine’s Day is great – it reminds them to tell their lovers how much they appreciate them.  Most happy couples don’t need the reminder of course, but it gives them a reason to do something a little extra.  For singles, the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day seems akin to being tortured with the arrows of Cupid, another reminder they don’t have someone special in their lives.   For those in new relationships, it seems to be a time of stress as they try to figure out what would be appropriate for their budding relationship & for those in unhappy relationships it seems to be one more reminder their spouse is not what they hoped they would be.

For other people, Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday to drum up business.  Now this may have some basis in truth, especially if you live in a cold climate like I do.  When it’s 40 below, with a windchill making it feel like minus 52, it would take something pretty imperative to get people out of their homes.  What better way to get people out of hibernation than to create a holiday for lovers?  Whether it was created by greeting cards companies, chocolate companies, florists or stuffed animal companies – the idea of giving our economy a shot in the arm in mid-February is not such a bad idea, otherwise some people would never leave their homes between Christmas & Easter. LOL!!!

When we were kids, you would buy a box of Valentine cards big enough to give one to every child in your classroom.  They would need to be quite generic so you wouldn’t get stuck having to give a card saying “Be Mine” to the guy with the stinky feet who sat behind you though!  You would spend extra time making a little mailbox (tissue box with wrapping paper or tissue on it) to receive your valentines.  When you opened your mail box it was great fun to see who gave you what kind of card.  Personally, I never liked the people who counted the number of valentines they received & loudly announced how popular they were if they received lots.

Today I received a Valentine’s card from “My Secret Admirer”, the kind I used to get when I was a child & this felt almost as good to me as the flowers my husband brought me last night (the flowers were only better because they were from my hubby).  I gave my hubby a small box of chocolates.  Simple gestures like these should be what Valentine’s day is all about IMHO.