Another piece of my youth died yesterday – Davey Jones, from the Monkees, at the age of 66. Although Davey Jones was the front guy for the Monkees, I secretly had a crush on Peter Tork (I always went for the guys who were slightly out there).
I think it was my 12th birthday when my parents got me a portable record player & a record. The record – The Monkees! I spent hours down in the basement, listening to this record, hairbrush in hand as a microphone, belting out the lyrics to their songs & dancing. Last Train to Clarksville, Cheer Up Sleepy Jean, Hey Hey We’re the Monkees. And then all the Saturday mornings watching their show & all the scrapes they got themselves into, resulting in lots of fast forward action.
We will miss you Davey! R.l.P.