These are the instructions to go with this challenge:  The ’100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups’ is a weekly creative writing frenzy! I give you a prompt and you, using only 100 words, write a piece to share with the world. If this is your first time here, please read ‘What is 100WCGU?’  Hopefully it will answer any questions you have but if not do get in touch.

This week’s post was based on a picture (see below) & this is my entry:

The first wave revealed just a small indent in the sand while the second wave revealed most of the head and one ear.  Each wave thereafter revealed a little more until the tiny treasure lay there sparkling in the sun with light reflected from the azure sea.   It had taken many years, tossed by numerous waves to get from its home on the mantle of a high lord to this stretch of deserted beach.  Once a treasured piece of art, now it was just another piece of flotsam from the sea.