Again this post is going to be about drivers primarily because I am still driving to work AND the idiots changed the clocks to Daylight Savings Time this weekend which just generally ticks me off  period, so I need to blow off some steam.  It takes me about a week to get over the changing of the clocks, so I’ve been fairly silent this week, not to vent onto my fans (few though they are).

Selfish Drivers – these are the people who use the second lane of a turning lane to skip to the head of the line of the straight through traffic.  On my way home from work there is an intersection with 2 straight through lanes & 2 left turning lanes.  I usually drive in the straight through lane closest to the left turning lane.   Usually the straight through lanes are lined up due to rush hour traffic.  A number of times over the past couple of weeks, a couple of vehicles have pulled to the head of the left turning lane closest to the straight through lane and when the light turns green they floor it & cut off someone in the straight through lane to avoid the long line.  A few times this person in the going straight lane has been me & it’s ticking me off royally!  Not only is it dangerous, it’s inconsiderate to all the poor schlubs (like me) who sat patiently in line waiting to drive straight through.

Cyclists- You can tell spring is here – the bicyclists are out again.  Last weekend the clocks moved ahead, so it’s dark in the morning again when I drive to work, very dark.   When did I see my first cyclist this year?  When I nearly ran him down because he was wearing dark clothes with no reflection strips on a dark bike with no lights on my way to work.  I nearly had a heart attack!   One minute I’m driving in what appears to be an empty curb lane & the next there is this person on a bike looming in my windshield.  And of course you can’t honk at the idiot because he might get startled & fall down & then you would be at fault!

BTW, my site is under construction as I do my best to try to figure out how to use all the widgets & other things that go into making a more attractive blog page.  Since I am not all that good at this kind of thing it’s going to be a slow process, so I apologize to anyone reading my blogs for the next while if things look a mess.  I’m trying to figure out how to get a blog roll going & how to show my awards & link to other people who are brilliant, etc.