This is really scary & I wonder how many women (& men) out there understand this.


Okay, this MG crap is affecting my right hand pretty good and making typing interesting….the thumb and index finger muscle spasms are a bit of biotch to deal with today.

But this article is definitely one that you need to read….Pass this on to all of your friends, co-workers and loved ones.

Ladies who are dating….Imagine this:

You’re at a bar…a guy walks up…starts chatting with you….

You have a TON in common…you’ve traveled to a lot of same places…and you’re clicking….  Oh holy crap…this guy…is a-may-zing…right?  Not at all like the rest of those douche nozzles that you’ve been running into…..WRONG….he’s worse….WAY WORSE.

Read this:

Scary crap.  Just scary.  I couldn’t find this app in the Android market, so it may just be an iPhone thing….but still.  Check those privacy settings on Facespace EVERY time they change something.

One more reason why I may just be leaving Facespace.

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