As some of you may know from my comments we were expecting a visit from our eldest daughter & new son-in-law for Easter weekend. We were not disappointed. Although it seemed as if it took them forever to get here, they finally arrived on late Friday afternoon. Everyone was tired so we had a BBQ, got everyone settled & watched the video of their wedding (I was unable to attend) in Cancun last November. What a beautiful ceremony & party afterwards. I am so happy I finally got to see it all!

Saturday was set aside for the kids to go to West Edmonton Mall which is quite an attraction here.  Before Mall of America, it used to be one of the biggest malls around.  From the West Edmonton Mall website, here is some information:

Cyclone, the first waterslide of its kind in Canada, offers both the unexpected drop plus a vertical loop. After the floor releases from beneath them, a slider plummets 17 metres straight down, as fast as 60 km/h, before arching upward into a near-vertical loop and blazing out into a splashdown lane.

The two Sky Screamer Extreme slides both have the electronic launch system, but one of the slides is enclosed from start to finish while the other is open. Standing above the park at 23.47 metres, the Sky Screamer Extreme slides are built for speed and can carry sliders as fast as 60 km/h.

Shop ‘til you drop at over 800 stores and services! Also, if you are visiting from out-of-town, shop with the lowest GST/HST on all your purchases – what a great excuse to splurge!

West Edmonton Mall remains the ultimate shopping destination with hundreds of retailers ranging from brand-name to boutique to one-of-a-kind stores. We are the only place you can shop at the most exclusive stores all in one day and all under one roof!”

Corry (our daughter) wandered the mall shopping, while her husband Cid visited the water park.  It was so great to see the excitement on Cid’s face as he described the fun he had on the water slides.  After West Edmonton Mall we all went out to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner for Corry’s upcoming birthday.

Corry picked the restaurant based on this restaurant not being available in Wpg.  Unfortunately, the meal did not live up to most of our expectations.  I was especially disappointed in the service.  When asked for vinegar for his french fries, our server brought my husband a bottle of oil & although she seemed to hover throughout the meal I had to call her over to get the mistake corrected.  During our meal, all the servers were clearing tables in our section, sweeping floors, etc.  I was not at all impressed.  I felt like we were being given the message the restaurant was closing & it was time for us to leave.  Our server kept hovering & removing our plates as soon as one of us finished our meal.  But the restaurant was not closing, the servers were just trying to get some of their work done ahead of time & they picked the section where we were eating to do their nightly cleaning!  If I didn’t want to spoil Corry’s birthday dinner someone would have had their ear bent.

After dinner we decided to tour the city for a bit to show the kids the new city we had adopted & this is when I fell in love – again.  Because I was seeing the city through the eyes of our kids it was like the first time again & I remembered all the reasons we wanted to move here in the first place.  As we talked about the LRT & pointed out the stations, the great waste management system, the city’s open data availability, the library, City Hall, the Art Gallery, the Winspear Centre – the differences between Wpg. & Edmonton became very clear.  Despite being so far away from family & old friends, we love living here & now I remember (again) why.