Like all good Canadians (LOL) I like to make sure my taxes are filed on time which is April 30. But also like a good many Canadians I wait until the last possible moment to file which leaves me standing in a long line at the post office, waiting to get the proper postage.  Since I knew there was going to be quite a wait I took the opportunity to do some people watching.

The post office closest to me is just a small store front in a mall shared with a dry cleaner.  This doesn’t leave a lot of room for lining up, so you end up out in the hallway of the mall, slowly inching your way forward.  When you first join the line you can’t even see the clerks.  When I finally round the corner, the 2 clerks are a study in differences.

The first clerk is a youngish female with scarlet colored hair working in a fit of stops & starts.  As I watch her, I see her flirt with a couple of good looking young men.  A transaction which should have taken a couple of minutes stretches into 7 or 8 minutes.  With the young men gone, she is back to looking harried.

The second clerk is a slightly older female who does not look in a hurry or troubled in any way.  Each person who arrives at her till is met with a pleasant demeanor as she measures each piece of mail with her tape measure or adds more packing tape to a package to make sure it will not come apart in the mail.  She is definitely not in a hurry, no matter how long the line in front of her.

The lady two people ahead of me is quite a sight.  She is at least 40 with her hair in a neon pink mohawk, multiple piercings in her eyebrows, ears, nose & lips.  She is wearing army boots & what looks like fatigues of some kind, although the sleeves are ripped off & the pant legs below the knees are gone.  She has an I-Pod bud in her ear & she is bopping away & dancing to her music in the line.  She looks like she will have fun no matter where she finds herself.
The lady behind me (why is it mostly women in the line?  Is it because it is during the day & most of the men are at work?) is of Middle Eastern descent (I only mention her heritage so you will understand I was not eavesdropping because I couldn’t understand a word she said in her native tongue) & is talking extremely loudly into her cell phone.  Even the lady with the I-phone two people ahead of me keeps glancing in her direction.  I glance over my shoulder a couple of times with a frown on my face, hoping the woman will get the hint & lower her voice.  The lady with the I-phone finally gives up, ripping her ear bud from her ear & complaining loudly to the lady in front of me that she can’t even hear her music over the talking of the lady behind me.  Of course, the woman behind me pays no attention & continues to talk non-stop & very loudly into her cell phone.  Her child has to screech to get her attention which just adds to the unhappiness in the line.  Finally, in desperation, I turn around, look the woman in the eye & ask her to lower her voice.
“This is none of your business,” she says to me & I reply back that she made it my business when she decided it was okay to talk too loudly right behind me in the line.  Her reply is that I could have asked more nicely & I throw up my hands in frustration & turn around in line.  The rest of the line is looking at me & nodding their approval.  She finally lowers her voice.
I really don’t mind people talking on their phones around me, but when you talk so loudly you are invading my space with your noise, you have now made it my business & I reserve the right to tell you so.  I really don’t understand what could be so important that people feel they need to be on their cell phone every minute of every day.  You see them as pedestrians as they amble across the crosswalk, talking on their cell phones.  You see them in line at the supermarket as they empty their baskets with one hand so they can continue talking on the phone.  Thank goodness we have distracted driving laws now, so they get hefty fines if they talk while driving!
I carry my cell phone everywhere I go, but I don’t need to keep up a running commentary on my errands.  Next year, I’ll file my taxes a few days earlier so I don’t have to wait in line so long!