Happy Mothers’ Day!

Over the time I have been blogging  I have read many stories written by fellow bloggers about the joys & challenges of being a mother.  It’s one of the toughest jobs in the world!

From the first morning you wake up with morning sickness, through swollen ankles, a wonky bladder & weight gain we “glow” through pregnancy.  Then we push another human being out of our bodies through waves of pain greater than you ever thought you could stand.  Then follows the sleepless nights & the miles &  miles of floors walked trying to calm a crying baby.  We can’t wait for our baby to walk & when they do we wish they were still little enough to leave in one place for more than 2 seconds.  We suffer through the terrible two’s & all the stages to follow.  We cry when our babies are hurt & laugh when they accomplish something new.

Every step they take in their journey to grow up is another step away from us & we encourage them to go even though it is breaking our hearts.

From one mother to all other blogging mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!