May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Lizzie makes a great point about this title & the awareness that needs to take place. Not everyone who has a mental illness feels comfortable coming forward due to the stigma attached to mental illness. We need to make everyone aware, those suffering with mental illness are more often than not just like you & me.

Running Naked With Scissors

Ok  – I have been struggling with something and I just …need a little help.

May Day May Day!

Too dramatic?  It is May, a day in May, not really May Day but ok.

A day in May is Mother’s Day.

Also Tuesday coming up is a day in May.

There is a  whole month of days in May.

And the Month of May – all the days combined, the whole damn month ( I think there are 31 days in May)

Is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Did you know that?   I did. 

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