A while back I was posting about the need to move – well, it’s been decided – we are moving! This week no less!  I will have to give up my beautiful view & watching the geese fly north & south.

We did the walk through on our new place this past Saturday morning & got the keys. Our new place has beautiful hardwood floors & great windows (although I will really miss being on a corner with flow thru ventilation) which is greatly offset by central air conditioning.  The living room is larger than our current place, but the bedrooms are smaller (I spend more time in the living room anyway).  In the ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom there is a shower stall rather than a tub shower which is great for me since my knee won’t heal from the sprain I had 2 months ago now.  Although we won’t have this terrific view anymore, we also will not have to withstand a southwest exposure with afternoon heat pouring in from noon till 9 p.m. which means we had to shut out the view anyway in the vain attempt at keeping the place cool!  Also, since I quit smoking, we rarely go outside on the balcony anymore anyway!

Right away hubby wants to start moving things in & has conveniently packed a couple of lawn chairs, some toilet paper & his tape measure into the car. Most of you probably don’t know this but hubby is very task-oriented – when he gets something in his head, nothing is going to stop him.  So for hubby the most important thing is getting a rug to protect the floor.  Even though it’s very difficult for me to walk any distances, we stop at a big box store to hunt for a rug.  I found a few I liked but none of them were large enough for the space.  We found a discount carpet store & of course we had to stop there, even though I was in agony.  Luckily, we were able to find a piece of carpet almost exactly the size we need (2 inches too wide only) & we can have it cut & bound within a week.

The next morning when I get up, hubby has been busy (he’s a morning bird & I’m a night owl).  He has started taking things down off the walls & done some packing for us to take to the new place.  While I am trying to gather my thoughts I notice hubby is searching diligently for something.  When I ask, he is looking for his sanding block because as he’s been taking things down off the walls he’s been patching.  So of course he needs to sand the patches right now.  I firmly convince him he will find the sanding block the more stuff we move out of our old place & sanding can be done anytime in the next week or so.  He finally sees things my way.  We took a load over to the new place & started putting stuff away.

On the way home (8 p.m. & neither of us has eaten) hubby suggests we stop at a drive thru & pick up something.   We settled on McDonald’s since it’s so close.  We had quite a time with the girl in the drive thru.  She could not understand what sandwich my husband wanted & kept suggesting sandwiches nothing like what he was asking for (it didn’t help we were in the outside lane & couldn’t read the actual name of the sandwich on the menu board).  The girl had a lovely personality & except for jumping to a lot of erroneous conclusions about what my hubby wanted, she had great customer service.  My husband likes strawberry shakes & I like chocolate, we ordered our shakes but when we got to the pick up window the strawberry was not working, so my husband chose a new flavor – banana chocolate.  After checking to see we had our complete order (last 2 times we’ve gone thru the drive-thru we get home & something is missing) & not being able to get a cup holder since they were all out, we finally headed home.

Since I am still using a cane when I walk anywhere outside my actual apartment, my husband decided to pile up our empty boxes & the food & the milkshakes on the 2 wheeler cart.  I had a bad feeling about this, but didn’t say anything because we were both so tired.  We barely got into the lobby, heading for the elevator when the whole tower on the 2 wheeler toppled over, spilling chocolate shake everywhere.  What a mess!

I guess this is a fitting end to our time in this building.  The first week we moved into this place hubby spilled his chocolate shake on our almost white carpet in the living room of our apartment!  No more chocolate shakes for hubby!!!!