Just yesterday morning, we finally got the PC I use up & running & the office in place enough for me to actually use it.  My hubby let me borrow his laptop a couple times but with the caveat – no emails. When I opened my email account yesterday morning I can see why – I had 1508 emails!!!  90% of which were new posts on blogs I follow.  How in the world can this be?  What have you people been doing over the last 10 days?  Have you been glued to your computers, churning out blogs too fast for anyone to keep up?  By the time I weeded out the notifications on the few games I play on Facebook & the crap I didn’t want, I was down to 1282, but still!  Do you know how long it’s going to take me to get caught up?  If you suddenly see a comment on a blog a couple weeks after you posted it, you’ll know it’s me – trying to get up to date!

We’re in the new place & I must admit I am quite enjoying having central air.  It has been quite warm here for the last couple weeks, so it was nice to be able to sleep without a fan blowing warm air over me.  It has been a bit of an adjustment for hubby though because in our old place we were on the top floor, our apartment windows didn’t face anyone else & unless you had a telescope you could not see into our place, so he got quite used to wandering around the place in the altogether whenever he pleased.  Now we face another building, so he has to remember to close the sheets we are currently using for curtains until our blinds come in, before he wanders around.  For me, it’s been kind of nice to see him getting some use out of his clothes 🙂

Hubby was in charge of hiring the movers.  He asked for my opinion & when I expressed some doubt about the company he was leaning towards, he promptly forgot all about my doubts & hired them anyway.  We are now paying for it in chipped furniture & a very long move!  Good thing I am not particularly attached to possessions (things I care about I packed myself & we moved it prior to the movers).  This is part of the reason it took so long for us to get the office together – the movers blew out of the back of the desk & hubby had to nail it back together in order for us to be able to use it!  They also took our sofa completely apart (4 separate pieces) & then because it took so long to move us, they would not stick around to show hubby how to put it back together (he was at the new place when they took it apart & they would not listen when I explained the furniture company who delivered the sofa only 2 months prior to the move had only had it in 2 pieces).  It took him 3 hours to re-assemble the sofa because it’s not just a regular sofa, it’s a power recliner with a whole host of wires & a couple of motors.  There was lots of swearing that night & we ended up sleeping in the recliners because by the time hubby had finished, he was too tired to put the bed together.

I am off work temporarily to get some of the move straightened out, but it’s slow going.  Right now I am bogged down by laundry.  Here is a great tip for moving:  Instead of packing your sheets, pillowcases, towels, dishtowels & wash cloths, etc. in a box & moving them to your new place – use them to pack with!  This saves on using paper which is not terribly environmentally friendly & you aren’t stuck carrying a box of linens.  I have been doing this for years & it’s a great way to rotate your linens as well otherwise you keep using the same half a dozen towels over & over.  The only downside is the amount of laundry you have to do when you get to your new place, but I like the way the new cupboards smell with all the fresh laundry in them!

I’ll leave you with a bit of humor till I post again:

John was on his deathbed and gasped pitifully. ‘Give me one last request, dear,’he said.
‘Of course, John,’ his wife said softly.
‘Six months after I die,’ he said, ‘I want you to marry George.’
‘But I thought you hated George,’ she said.
With his last breath John said, ‘I do!’