Did you ever wonder about this exact thing?  All their ads say they are lowering prices every day, but nothing is ever free!

I hate to admit this but every once in while I do shop at Walmart.  As a matter of fact, I recently shopped at Walmart since it’s almost right next door to my new apartment.  When I walked in with my cane & the greeter asked me if I wanted an electric cart, I was quite surprised.  But when I thought about it, I realized it would probably make my shopping experience so much better if I wasn’t limping through the store in slow motion.  Since I have always hated shopping anyway, it has not been such a hardship for me.  Shopping is one of those things it has become more difficult to do & so hubby has been great & does most of the shopping now.  Only problem with hubby doing the shopping is I never get any chocolate treats when he shops alone.  If I want chocolate, I have to go myself.  It’s pretty smart of Walmart, because I was more comfortable, I spent more time in the store & spent more money.  So I’m wondering why more stores don’t follow Walmart’s example?

I hate this is happening to me & now I may be more dependent on aid devices but this may be my lot in life from now on since the pain has moved into my other knee as well.  Because the first sprain won’t heal & I have been limping for so long, now I can feel I have damaged my other knee which of course has ruined the alignment of my spine & now my back hurts as well.  I was nearly crippled badly with arthritis 20 years ago, so I know what the downward spiral feels like & this is what it feels like.  I guess I’m lucky I got an extra 20 years of mobility after a steroid treatment, I was just hoping for a little more since I’m not that old yet.