I’ve received another award – the Awesome at Awarding Awards Award from Hobbling Along – who else?  I have received a number of awards over the 9 months I’ve been blogging (wow, I could have produced a baby in this time – what have I been doing with myself?) & I love receiving them – I just don’t particularly like the “rules” you have to follow.  Oftentimes it’s so much work to accept an award – all the linking to other bloggers & trying to think of something witty to say about fellow bloggers (I just love this person 6 or 7 times just doesn’t cut it).

This is how Hobbles described the rules:  Rules for this are pretty simple. I’m going to list some words. Your job is to write the first thing you think of when you read that word. Then pass this on to anyone who gave you an award. Or not…I’m not a big fan of rules.

awards – too many rules
you – writer
blogging- learning to write again
don’t – least favorite word
let’s – go!
why – 3 year old
party – murder mystery
oh – wow!
try – & try again
watch – TV
life – lessons
favorite – recent post
no – smoking still
I’m – exhausted
sorry – seems to be the hardest word

I’d like to pass this along to Laughing at Everyday LifeMark My Words…The Narcissist’s Blog ©, & Word Play.  No pressure to accept, but I’d love to know what you would say to go along with these words.  Have fun!