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Edward Hotspur

Dear Readers:

Gentle Reminder: It’s time to vote! Click the Blogger Idol Contest Blog link below! And REBLOG this, if you want to (and you do).

VOTING takes place from Wednesday at Noon Central through Thursday at Midnight Central. The link to the site with all the contestants’ posts is here:

Blogger Idol Contest Blog – Vote Here!

(That’s 1:00PM Eastern, 11:00am Mountain, and 10:00am Pacific. It’s 1:30PM Newfoundland time, I think.)

I have somehow managed to make it into the Blogger Idol competition. I am asking all of you to please visit that site, and vote for my entry. Voting is very important in this contest. Two Contestants Will Be Eliminated This Week! Gah!

When you see this logo, you are at the right place:

I appreciate all of your support in advance, and I thank each of you for reading my blog.

Mata Yume de Aimashou!

Thank you,


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