Yesterday I completed the first 15 questions of the 30 Day Challenge & I was chuffed to see how many others thought this was a good idea. Some of you have even started working on the lists yourselves.  Thanks again to Pink Ninjabi for starting us off on this journey.

So without further ado, let’s continue:

16.  Something you always think “what if” about – What if there had not been a 2 year waiting list to become a stewardess when I graduated from high school?  My life may have gone in a whole other direction & I probably wouldn’t be afraid to fly now!

17.  Something you’re proud of – Each & every one of my children of course!  They aren’t all perfect, by an means, but they are all special individuals who are all working on becoming the best people they can be.

18.  A problem you have had – Too numerous to mention

19.  Five items you lust after –  I would like to be a published author; an ocean cruise to Australia so I wouldn’t have to fly & I love cruising; a housekeeper who cooks; winter vacations every year; bi-weekly pedicures.

20.  Your fears – heights, flying, spiders, snakes

21.  How you hope your future will be like – having a nice ‘nest egg’, living in a wonderful cottage on the beach in the Caribbean with a guest house where Hotspur et al could live & we could edit each other’s writing making us each world famous authors.

22.  Your academics – some university, some job specific courses

23.  Something you miss – my best friend Bandit who passed away a little over a year ago.

24.  Five words/phrases that make you laugh – kinkulator (how my daughter used to pronounce calculator); Bill Engvall’s  “Here’s Your Sign” jokes;  Russell Peter’s “Somebody’s going to get a whooping” jokes;

25.  Something you’re currently worrying about – finances (since I lost my job)

26.  Things you dislike & like about yourself – I hate my nose & love my lips & eyes

27.  A quote you try to live by – If not excellence, what?  If not excellence now, when?  I believe this is by Tom Peters in his book `The Search for Excellence`.

28.  Somewhere you`d like to move to or visit – I`d like to visit Australia; I`d like to live somewhere in the Caribbean, right on the ocean.

29.  Five weird things you like – peanut butter on my hot dogs, cream cheese chip dip on nacho chips, After 8 hot chocolate (considering how hard it is to find, no one else must like it), old English series like Prime Suspect & MI5, juice & ginger ale mixed.

30.  One thing you`re excited for – winning a lottery!