I miss you so much. I especially miss your laugh, the way you laugh from way down deep in your belly, throw back your head & open your mouth wide instead of hiding your happiness behind your hand.   When you smiled, your smile always reached your eyes as they crinkled at the corners  You always had so much to laugh about. You rarely laugh anymore, you barely smile anymore.

I also miss your scent – the combination of musk, salt & tangy after shave.  I loved nuzzling your ears, your neck & chin just to drink in the smell of you.  Even when there was no one else in the room, it was fun to whisper to you just so I could catch your scent for an extra moment.

You were always a good looking man.  With your dark hair & almost black eyes, did I ever tell you how wonderful you looked in that green sweater I bought you for Christmas?  I think you knew all along.  I noticed you wearing it just last Thursday – does that mean you’ve moved on?  I wouldn’t blame you if you had.

Please take care of yourself, I love you too much to want you with me.

Your loving wife,

Plot 81, St. Andrews Cemetery