It started when their eyes met. They both stopped where they were, checking each other out. His eyes were the deepest brown she had ever seen & his hair was jet black. Her eyes were the pale, pale blue of a hot summer sky & the irises were outlined in a deeper blue.  They just stood there for a minute eyeing each other.

She advanced a single step, he followed her lead, all the time not losing eye contact.  One more step, then another as they followed a rhythm known only to them, like a private dance.  Slowly, they edged closer & closer.  Their nostrils flared as they each tried to catch the other’s scent.  Although they barely moved their feet, they leaned closer & closer with their whole bodies as if an invisible thread was drawing them together.  They were so in tune with each other they could almost hear each other’s hearts beating.  With each step their pupils dilated even more.

Just a few steps from each other, they again stopped as if to prolong the anticipation.  Once again they tested the air for each other’s scents.  Finally, they advanced the last few steps so they were face to face.  The female husky then presented her rear to the male rottweiler so he would know she was amenable to his advances.  Puppy love!