Well, it’s official – Edmonton is having it’s first snow day of the season, weather forecasters are estimating 25 cms of snowfall on top of freezing rain & – I’m not in Edmonton!  Hubby had a meeting in Calgary (approximately 300 kms. SW of Edmonton) & I went along so I could visit with a cousin who recently lost her 27 year old son to sudden heart failure.

Craig was a volunteer firefighter who had an enlarged heart no one knew anything about.  It is a terribly sad situation – he was so full of life & love.  He was always the life of the party.  His mom calls him “a heart with legs.”  I was so glad I was able to come see her, but I wasn’t planning on spending an extra night in a hotel in Calgary.  I was looking forward to being home in my own bed again tonight.  Thank goodness I packed my laptop!

But the officials are warning against highway travel, so here I sit.    There have already been major accidents & one person killed due to road conditions on the highways.  In Edmonton, 30 minutes drives are estimated to take 3 hours.

First photo courtesy of Environment Canada, second photo courtesy of Brittney Le Blanc.