This is a new blog by John who I first got to know as a commenter on a number of blogs I follow. His thoughts reflect my own thoughts so completely, I couldn’t have written anything better. This is for all of my grandfather’s brothers (only 1 of whom came home from WWII), all the men & women who have given up time with their families, their health or even their life in the past & the present so I can have the life I want.

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In writing this post, I tried to think of bringing some special meaning to the day, something beyond the usual clamour of parades, mattress sales, and marking the halfway point between Halloween and Thanksgiving (at least here in the States). Something that would more fully glorify the veterans of all countries and all wars that this holiday marks. But in trying to do so, I realised that there was an unusual, but exceptionally pertinent, point that we all seem to be missing.


Now, I don’t mean love of your country, or love of your flag, or even love of freedom or peace. What I mean is a deeper love, and a love not for the veteran, but from the veteran. The love of which we should all be eternally grateful – the love of the veteran for you.

Would you be willing to do anything for your wife, husband…

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