Snowy romantic-monday-logo4smallAs she looked into the mirror, she noticed for the first time the crow’s feet making their appearance at the corners of her eyes. At first she didn’t want to believe it, she turned her head to the left & back to the right to see if it might just be a shadow. No, it wasn’t just a shadow – there were tiny crinkles there where there were none just a little bit ago.  She frowned & then noticed the wrinkles between her eyebrows & quickly wiped the frown off her face.

So, the time she had been dreading for a very long time was finally here – she was getting old!  All of her friends had faced this already & weren’t handling it well.  Most of them had already booked their appointments with their plastic surgeons for botox or eyelifts.  Some of them were doing their whole face for the first time.  What happened to growing old gracefully?  She was so lost in thoughts of how she was going to handle this latest hurdle, she didn’t hear Jerry enter their bedroom.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he whispered into her ear, “You’re more beautiful today than you were when I met you 20 years ago & you were gorgeous then.  Will you take the plunge & marry me again?”