Woman in SnowflakesThe first day Edward saw her, he was on his walk around the pond on his lunch hour & she was sitting on a bench reading.  With her head tilted forward over her reader, her long chestnut hair slightly hid her face.  As Edward got closer, the sun picked up the gold & red highlights in her hair, forming a corona around her head in the bright sunshine.  When they were almost even, she glanced up & Edward thought he would fall into her deep chocolate eyes as they nodded at each other in acknowledgement.  Edward walked on as his heart pounded loudly in his ears.  When he returned to work Edward could not get this woman out of his mind.  She haunted his dreams that night & the next day as his lunch hour approached, Edward could feel his pulse tripping faster at the thought of seeing her again.

There she was!  Edward fought against quickening his pace so he could savor the sight of her.  She raised her head just a second sooner & their eye contact lasted just a little longer today.  Every detail of her face filled his thoughts – her pink slightly parted lips, her slightly upturned nose, her perky chin & those deep brown eyes with tiny flecks of gold.  On the third day her lips turned up ever so slightly when he appeared & he smiled back at her.

On the fourth day, the word “hello” slipped between her lips & Edward thought her voice was smooth as honey.  He wanted to stop & talk to her but was afraid he would scare her away.  All he could say was hello.  Edward now looked forward to weekdays much more than weekends because there was a chance he would see her & there she was again on Monday.

But on Tuesday, instead of her, there was a note where she usually sat.

Dear Sir with the Kind Eyes,

Please help me!  I have been taken against my will.  There are 2 possibilities for where I am being kept – please contact Nicole or Cheeky.  Please, I beg of you, rescue me before it is too late!

Edward looked all around him, but it appeared no one was watching him.  He jogged back to his desk to start his search.


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