This has been my position all along. In Canada we also have helmet legislation to ensure less deaths from vehicle accidents. There are many steps we can take to reduce gun deaths without the silliness of increasing the gun toting populace.


Let’s put this in perspective, now.  Gun violence is a public health issue.  Period.  We reduced other public health threats by taking appropriate action.  We can fix this one too.

From the Journal of the American Medical Association — information on how we reduced deaths from other causes and what we need to do to reduce deaths from this one:

Public Health approach to Guns

(Mozaffarian D, Hemenway D, Ludwig DS. Curbing Gun Violence: Lessons From Public Health Successes. JAMA. 2013;():1-2. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.38.)

But of course, this shows the heart of the problem:

more alcohol

More guns aren’t the answer.  Guns in schools and shopping malls and office buildings aren’t the answer.  Fewer guns — and guns with smaller magazines that’s the ticket.

To contact your Congressional representative and Senators and ask them to help enact reasonable gun laws, follow these links:

House of Representatives:


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