WH3_ZROI think if I live to be a million years old, I will never understand the TV networks. Yet again, they have cut a new series I was just getting interested in – Zero Hour.

In case you haven’t been watching, this new series on ABC stars Anthony Edwards (from ER fame) as Hank.  The first episode shows Hank & his wife Laila, very much a loving couple, enjoying time together browsing a Flea Market before Hank heads off to work where he publishes a magazine de-bunking myths called the Modern Skeptic.  He is very much a person who has to “see to believe.”  Meanwhile, his slightly more romantic wife who owns a clock repair shop, finds a beautiful & unusual clock & buys it.  Shortly afterward, Laila is kidnapped by White Vincent to get the clock back.  The clock is part of a much bigger mystery involving the church, the Nazis & Hank’s ancestors.  Each clock provides a clue to the next clock & to the overall mystery.

The FBI gets involved very quickly because White Vincent set off a bomb on a plane a few years ago, killing over 200 people including an agent’s husband.  She is desperate to find this man & bring him to justice.  The kidnapper leads them to the Arctic Circle where they find an old Nazi submarine with a frozen doppelganger of Hank inside, then on to India where the kidnapper murders a holy seer.  The last episode found them in Paris & then New Jersey, hunting down a clock given to Albert Einstein.

Another interesting fact:  Grace Grummer (daughter of Meryl Streep & sister to Mamie Grummer of Emily Owens, MD fame) made her first appearance as part of the FBI team in the last episode to air.

Unfortunately, there were no vampires, ghosts or werewolves in this series nor were there any torrid love scenes between people barely old enough to matriculate or it might have survived for longer than 3 weeks. Since it’s obvious teens & young adults were not the target audience for this series, it probably required too much thinking for your average TV viewer.

Didn’t anyone tell the network executives that Baby Boomers are living longer these days & might enjoy a series where they aren’t fed the plot in the first 2 minutes of each episode?

Photo courtesy of ABC Primetime newsletter