Do you remember your dreams? Some people do, some people don’t. Do you ever have recurring dreams? I do. Mine is a recurring stress dream – whenever I am really stressed I get this dream.

Fairy 1It’s night time, the sky is dark & stars are sparkling in the sky like diamond chips.  In the background “The Sugar Plum Fairy” by Tchaikovsky is playing.  In the middle of the scene is a beautiful castle where the floors & walls are made of crystal, shining & glittering.  As the drawbridge lowers, a group of beautiful fairies emerges from the castle onto a floor as dark & smooth as onyx.  The fairies are covered in glitter so they shimmer like the castle & the stars.  Their clothes are every color of the rainbow & their wings are irredescent like soap bubbles.  They have flowers in their hair, twined around their arms and circling their waists.  They chatter & giggle, then begin to dance.  They dance around & sway to the beautiful music.Fairy 2

Watching the fairies dance & chatter is very calming.  Everything is so beautiful & peaceful.  There is nothing to disturb the scene.  My most fervent wish is for this to go on forever.

Just when it seems like nothing bad could ever happen in a place like this a huge brown grizzly bear enters the scene from the left.  He roars his displeasure & starts scooping fairies up in his paws & shoving them into his mouth.  The fairies are screaming now & trying to run away from him, but the bear chases them down, each & every one of them.  Slobber & blood covers the bear’s muzzle.  Everywhere there is carnage.  Then the bear turns its head & stares into my eyes.  Then the bears starts coming toward me.  It comes closer & closer until I can feel its hot breath & spittle on my face.  I feel like I’m suffocating.

Grizzly BearThis is where I usually wake up, crying & gasping.  What do you think it means?

All pics courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts