RIPFirst off I would like to thank everyone who wished me better health & a speedy recovery over the last couple weeks when I was sick with cold & then pneumonia. I am on the mend now, so be prepared to hear from me a little more often as I put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) to cover some of the ideas which came to my fever addled brain over the last little while.

Some of you may know I used to work for a major Canadian newspaper writing obituaries.  A lot of people find this creepy, but I always enjoyed my job because the obituary told the story of the person who had died.  Their friends & family were telling us what they thought was most important about the person who had left them.  Phrases like “loving mother,” “beloved wife,” “devoted grandmother,” “longtime employee,” all tell a story about what they valued about the person who has departed.

While I was sick it occurred to me – what would happen if I got really sick & couldn’t blog anymore?  Would my blogging buddies wonder what had happened to me?  Would they assume I just got tired of blogging?  How would they know I was gone?  Hubby knows nothing about my blogging – he wouldn’t even know how to get access to my blog.  I doubt if he even knows the name I blog under.  It’s not because I’m trying to keep anything a secret from him, he’s just not at all interested in this part of my life.  The only way he might be able to get word out is if he signed into my email & picked up a notification from there.  But I wonder if he would think to let anyone know?

Have you ever wondered about this?  What would you want your fellow bloggers to know about you if you were gone?   I would want my fellow bloggers to know:

  1. How much I loved my kids, all of them
  2. How much I enjoyed the time I spent with my blogging buddies  
  3. How much I enjoyed writing
  4. I have a quirky sense of humor & think I’m funnier than I actually am
  5. I would also hope they would recognize how strong I was to have survived the abuse & rape from my past & come out the other side (maybe somewhat damaged) even stronger & with the resolve not to allow the same things happen to any of my children or anyone else I might know.
  6. I am kind & generous

What would you want someone to know about you?  Have you given any thought to a contingency plan if you couldn’t blog anymore?  I’d love to hear what you think is important about your life.