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Just a little something that’s been ratting around in my head since last night. WARNING – this piece is NOT light in tone, nor mild in imagery. So, having been properly warned, I give you “A Prayer”.

A Prayer

Before I go to sleep each night
And let things drift away,
I beseech God with all my might,
That He grant what I pray.

My prayer might sound a fair bit cruel
Or harsh for what I beseech.
But I seek to use it as a tool
For those I need to teach.

I ask that those in positions of power,
Who send our forces to fight,
Should, each one, for at least an hour,
Watch a loved one’s eyes lose light.

That a beloved offspring’s hand they hold,
As from wounds sustained, they die.
That they feel the skin go slowly cold,
And hear that final sigh.

That they…

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