Letter BIf you’ve read any of my posts at all, you’ll already know Bandit was my beloved dog who went to sleep almost 2 years ago due to the infirmities caused by old age. He was almost 14 years old & had moved across 3 provinces with us.

Bandit was part Rottweiler & part Husky/Shepherd cross.  His mother belonged to my best friend when we lived in Pickle Lake, ON.  His father was a purebred rottweiler who belonged to one of my employees & just happened to live on the other side of the fence from his mother.  You don’t need a medical degree to figure out what happened next.  My beautiful puppy was the runt of the litter, the one picked on by all his litter mates & also the only one to get a blue eye from the husky in his mother, so my friend wanted him to have a very special home.

Bandit's First Bed

Bandit’s First Bed

We got Bandit when he was just shy of 6 weeks old, 2 days before Christmas.  I named him Bandit because with the mask around his eyes he looked like a robber AND because he stole my heart the first time I ever saw him.  He was so tiny he fit in this file box for a bed.  He kept this blue blanket as part of his bed for his whole life.

My ferocious beast!

My ferocious beast!

This is my tough guy.  At just 6 weeks old he appears to be stalking something.  I think it was the camera because all his life if you pulled out a camera, there was Bandit.  His blue eye really shows up in this pic!  All his life, people thought he might be blind in one eye because of the 2 different eye colors.

Bandit inspects the new cupboards for the kitchen as they are being built

Bandit inspects the new cupboards for the kitchen as they are being built

During the whole whack of construction we did on our store-restaurant-home in NW ON.  Bandit had to inspect everything.   Like radar, he would poke his head around the corner to see where we were at & then come romping into the room if it looked like we were anywhere close to being finished, wanting to play.

DSC00010Bandit was a blanket hog.  Hubby & I are both energy conscious, so we tend to keep our thermostat turned down low & wear blankets in our laps during the evenings.  When he was a pup, Bandit would want to be in our laps, but he would only get up if we had the blanket on.  Even when he was full grown, Bandit still thought he was a lap dog at 80 lbs., but would not jump up without a blanket.  As he got older & could no longer jump up, he would lay at our feet on the tiny bit of blanket dangling on the floor, then he would keep adjusting his position until he would drag more & more blanket for himself.

This was my baby, my well-loved baby since he entered our lives after our children were grown.  And I miss him terribly!