Letter CI grew up in Winnipeg.   When I was very little the house we lived in was off the beaten path. There was a single lane dirt road to the property & there were only 3 houses surrounded by fields of natural grasses & wildflowers.  With no other buildings, it was like our own little world.  We lived in a tiny little house & our property was very much like Little House on the Prairie.

In the winter we would get snowbanks as high as the roof of the house because there was nothing to break the wind from blowing the snow around.  It was great to play on, but it was cold so I always looked forward to spring.  When the snow would finally melt the grass would shoot up really fast & get tall.  The first flowers of spring were always crocus.  The beautiful pale lavender blossoms would peep through the grass shoots.  I would lay back in the grass, surrounded by these beautiful flowers, looking up at the endless blue  sky.Crocus