Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

I don’t know about other places in this country or the US, but I have found a distinct trend in patient care here in Edmonton. It’s pretty hard to get a family doctor now.  If you move, you are probably going to have to visit a clinic similar to a walk-in clinic. Then if you’re lucky, the clinic will take you on as a permanent patient where you get to make an appointment time, but not always see the same doctor.  And of course you don’t get seen anywhere near to your appointment time.

When we first moved to Alberta, we lived in Leduc, a small town of a few thousand people about 20 minutes south of Edmonton.  We were able to get a family doctor because a new doctor had just joined a family practice recommended to us.  We kept the same doctor when we moved to Beaumont (about halfway between Leduc & Edmonton).  Even when we moved to Edmonton, we lived on the south side of the city & were unable to find a new doctor, so we kept the doctor we had in Leduc.  Now we have moved to the North East end of the city & it’s at least an hour long commute every time we have to visit the doctor.

I guess what I find disturbing is that the power has shifted all to the doctor’s/clinics side.  They get to decide if they will take you on as a patient or not.  As patients, we used to decide which doctor was the best fit for us.  Now it seems as if we need to take the doctor/clinic that will accept us if we want consistent patient care.

Is it the same where you live?