Happy Birthday Art!

Pouring My Art Out

Somehow I forgot all about it. I had to be told that it is my own birthday. Which brings up an interesting question;

If I am so spacey that I forget my own birthday, that means that my wife can never get mad at me if I forget her birthday, right?

Hey… stop throwing your shoes at me, ladies. You are only going to damage your monitor screens.

So can you guess what I want you to get me for my birthday? I bet you can.

That’s right. I want you all to do a post that mentions my book…

I have sold 14 copies so far in either paperback or electronic form. Not bad for just being on the market for a few days. Of course I bought a copy, and my mom got one, my brother, some old high school friends, and some of my lovely blog friends. But I can’t really…

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