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Tikk Tok

You might not think it’s a problem. But it is.

And it’s a BIG one.

*As of 2006, in Texas, there was an excess of 2 million. And there are over 4 million nationally.

That was 6 years ago. Breeding several times a year with litters of 2 to 8 offspring, you can well imagine how much those numbers have multiplied in the last 6 years. Puberty begins most often between 6 and 10 months old, although it’s not unheard of at 3 months. According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, this means the population can triple in a single year.

In 2007, they were **documented in at least 39 states, including the northern states of Michigan, North Dakota, and New York.

Yep. Wild, or feral, hogs are a REAL problem.

***”Without question, wild pigs do sometimes consume eggs and chicks (Thompson 1977, Tolleson et al…

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