Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Most of you who know me are probably aware I am very much against private citizens owning guns except for hunting.  AND the hunter should be eating what they’ve shot.  AND the hunter should be proficient enough he does not require multiple bullets to kill the animal he is hunting.  I have made my opinions of automatic weapons well known on other people’s blogs, especially after Newtown.

I was taking a nap a couple weeks ago & when I woke up, I found a program on the TV that I thought might just change my mind.  A gentleman from one of the southern states was being interviewed by a journalist about his business.  In the area where he lives, there is a huge problem with wild hogs.  These hogs are killing farmer’s crops, ruining their fields & injuring their livestock.  They showed the damage to the fields & how horses & cattle could trip into the holes & break their legs.  Apparently it has become such a problem, this fellow has offered his services to the farmers to get rid of these hogs.

The fellow running the business seemed like a very nice individual with a good head on his shoulders.  He started talking about how he needed to use semi-automatic weapons in his business because the hogs often hunted in packs (a mama & all of her litter together) & unless you got them all, they would just keep coming back.  They showed the hogs rooting around in the fields through night vision goggles & sure enough the hogs were always in groups or packs.  You could see how you would need to be able to shoot quickly to get all those hogs.  The fellow talked about how he could shoot the hogs with a single shot rifle, but it would make his job so much harder & some would get away & he preferred a particular brand of semi-automatic rifle.

I was just about convinced this might not be a bad thing, then the fellow started talking about how he doesn’t even charge the farmers.  I was sure this just might be the one exception to the semi-automatic I could get behind when he mentioned he doesn’t charge the farmers because he charges other men for the privilege of coming to hunt these hogs.

I was absolutely crushed.   There is nothing good about semi-automatic guns & charging people money to hunt with them should be a crime!  What if they take what they’ve learned from this hunt & take it to commit crimes?