Letter JNext to chocolate, my favorite treat is jelly beans. But not just any cheap old jelly beans. I am a connoiseur of jelly beans – I like Jelly Bellies.

I was introduced to Jelly Bellies after we moved to NW Ont. & opened our own grocery store.  I was in charge of purchasing & I saw a listing for a new product we had never tired called Jelly Bellies, so of course I ordered them.  Jelly Bellies taste so much like the real thing, sometimes it’s uncanny.  They came in an assorted pack, so I got to taste a lot of flavors while trying to decide my favorites.  Just like I don’t like any kind of melon in real fruit, I do not like any of the melon flavors in Jelly Bellies.

My personal favorites are rootbeer, juicy pear, green apple, buttered popcorn, caramel corn, strawberry margarita, cherry, chocolate pudding & pina colada.  There are also some neat combinations you can make:  two chocolate pudding & 1 cherry = chocolate covered cherries; 2 coconut & 1 pineapple = pina colada.

If I can only get regular jelly beans then my favorite is Dare Juicy Jelly Beans, made with real fruit juice.  I don’t like black licorice though, luckily hubby eats them for me!

Just to clarify, I did not receive any compensation from Jelly Bellies for this post, but hopefully they don’t mind if I use their pic!Jelly Bellies