Letter KStephen King, that is.   I don’t know where he gets his ideas from, his imagination is terrific.  Not everyone agrees Stephen King is a great writer, but he has been the most influential person in my lifelong desire to be a writer.

Stephen King started publishing books the year I graduated from high school & it feels like I have been reading his books all my life.  I remember reading Carrie, one of his first published books, very early on.  Since then I have read everything he has ever written.  In fact, I often read his books more than once, even more than twice.  My favorite book is The Stand, followed closely by his Dark Tower series.

I love big fat books & Stephen King writes big fat books.  Many of his books have been made into movies, but the only movie which did justice to the book it was adapted from was Stand By Me, a short story.

I think Stephen King develops characters for his books like no one else.  By the time I finish reading one of his books I feel like I know everything there is to know about each & every person he writes about.  Because I’ve read most of his books more than once I sometimes read one of his books now just to see how his characters are developed.  I hope some day I can develop characters as memorable as Carrie, the young boys from Stand By Me, Roland from the Dark Tower series or Mother Abigail, Fanny & the Walking Dude from The Stand.  He also co-wrote 2 books with Peter StraubThe Talisman & The Black House, which feature a young man named Jack – another great character.

I hope someday I can have one book nearly as good as some of his books.

Courtesy Stephen King website

Courtesy Stephen King website