Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

The Necroscope series of books, written by Brian Lumley, is my second favorite series of books.  The series includes:

  1. The Necroscope
  2. Necroscope II:  Vamphyri
  3. Necroscope III:  The Source
  4. Necroscope IV:  Deadspeak
  5. Necroscope V:  Deadspawn
  6. Necroscope:  The Lost Years
  7. Necroscope:  Resurgence

There are three other books featuring a lot of the same characters, but they are not truly part of the series:  Blood Brothers, The Last Aerie & Bloodwars.

The hero of the story is Harry Keough, the Necroscope (a person who can talk to the dead).   Harry was brought up in a coal town in the north of England by an aunt & uncle after his mother died when he was four.  When he struggles with school, Harry gets some help from his “friends (on the other side)” & sometimes he can get help when he’s in desperate straits too.  His “friends” often teach him many different skills he needs like how to win a fist fight when Harry is being bullied.

In a series of adventures Harry learns to deal with his special gift & hunts vampires & werewolves, as well as plain old psychotic murderers over the span of his lifetime.  It is better to read the books in the order they were published since it is a continuing story, but each story can stand alone.  I won’t go any further, in case you decide you’d like to read the series, so there are no spoilers.  I would recommend this series if you like vampires & other supernatural occurrences.