Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

First I was sad when I heard about the bombs at the Boston Marathon on Sunday. I don’t know anyone in Boston although there was a large contingent of runners from Alberta in the marathon.  Now I’m still sad, but I’m also angry! Why can’t people stop ruining good things in our lives?  First we can’t go to work without somebody blowing our buildings up!  Now we can’t have sporting events without being scared of someone setting off a bomb?

Our society is becoming more & more fractured as people rely much more on the internet to connect with others instead of actually visiting people face to face.  Do our kids even know how to communicate with each other face to face?  And when they do, do they even recognize good manners or self-control?

When I was a kid we saw our grandparents for Sunday dinners, if not every week, quite often.  If our family lived out of town we scrimped & saved our pennies to save up to take a trip to visit them.  People got together to have house parties or play cards with friends, family or neighbors when their kids were small to save babysitting fees.  If you needed help, you knocked on your neighbor’s door.

Now, no one knows anyone else in their neighborhood because both adults have to work to be able to live.  After working 40, 50 or 60 hours a week, no one has anything left for socializing.  So much for computers making our working lives easier!!  And when we want to socialize – now some idiot wants to set off a bomb to ruin it!  We want to go visit family – plan on arriving at the airport 4 – 5 hours ahead of your flight as you inch your way through the necessary security to keep planes from falling out of the sky!  Want to drive to see family – take out a second mortgage to pay for the fuel & make sure you watch for all those idiots out there driving the roads so full of rage they can barely contain themselves from killing others!  Or maybe the terrorists will strike our highways next since we’re taking so many precautions to stop them on our public transportation?

When will it all stop?