Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

There are a number of people in the blogosphere who have admitted they have been stalked & I am here to add my name to the list. This is another reason I like to keep myself semi-anonymous & don’t use my real name in the blogging world.  There is a slight difference for me – my stalker is a woman.

I met my stalker about 17 years ago.  I was not too long out of a longterm relationship & had just lost a friend of many years so I was a single parent & lonely.  We both loved to play bingo, liked country music & a whole host of common interests.  For about a year we were good friends.  She was there for me when I had to go through a steroid treatment for my arthritis & the steroids made me so stoned all the time I couldn’t sleep & broke my toe because I was so sleep deprived.  She would take me walking to help burn off some of the adrenaline running through my system & came over to check on me to make sure I hadn’t left the stove on, etc.  I was there for her & was her confidante when she had a fight with her new boyfriend.

Then came the middle of the night phone call from her where she begged me to come help her.  I raced to her side, only to find out she had hurt her boyfriend & the police were on their way.  I was there with her when the police arrived to arrest her, brought her special shoes to the jail & went to her mother to help her understand what had happened.  That’s what friends do, right?

Then she asked me to testify as a character witness which wouldn’t have been a problem except she wanted me to exaggerate the problems she was having with her boyfriend & make it sound like he had been abusive which was not the truth at all.  When I told her I wouldn’t, she started making threats.  I pulled away & she chased & did not stop chasing.  When she got out of jail, the phone calls started – if I didn’t answer she would fill my answering machine with threats & vile language.  She would park outside my house & confront me when I would get home from work.  She tried to make trouble for me at work.  She would show up on my doorstep at all hours of the day & night.

It did not stop until I started dating my current hubby & was never home anymore & then 6 months later moved out of province.  She doesn’t know where I am now & I hope she never finds me.