Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

The news is full of terrorism these days.  Last week 2 young men took it upon themselves to bomb the Boston Marathon, killing 4 people in the end & maiming or injuring over 100 others.  As people were observing a moment of silence & the barriers were coming down in Boston from last week’s bombings, the news was full of a report on terrorist threat in Canada.  Apparently neither suspect is a Canadian citizen.

Two people were arrested after an alleged terror plot to derail a train in Toronto. RCMP say the suspects were targeting a Via Rail passenger train travelling from New York to Toronto, and planned to attack it on the Canadian side of the border. The suspects reportedly have connections to al-Qaeda in Iran.

The arrests were the culmination of a nearly year-long investigation, dubbed “Operation Smooth,” which began in August 2012. Police said Monday the investigation ongoing.

“Today’s arrests demonstrate that terrorism continues to be a real threat in Canada,” Toews told reporters Monday afternoon.

Canada “will not tolerate terrorist activity and we will not be used as a safe haven for terrorists or those who support terrorist activity,” he said.

Toews said “preventing, countering and prosecuting terrorism is a priority for our government.”

David Jacobson, U.S. Ambassador to Canada, said the arrests were a result of cross-border co-operation.”

Andrea Janus,  The Loop

Why can’t these people leave us alone?  Why do they have to wreck our lives?