Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Specifically for thin walls! For a few years in Edmonton, there was a huge rush of growth in industry, followed by a shortage of employees.  A whole bunch of people from all over Canada migrated to Edmonton to fill the jobs which caused a tremendous shortage of housing. For a few years, up to about 2007, there was an influx of builders & contractors into the province to help build much needed housing for all the extra people moving to the province. When there is a huge demand for something, there will always be some less than scrupulous wheelers & dealers show up & Edmonton had more than its fair share of charlatan builders.

When we first moved to Edmonton we moved into an older block in the south of the city.  There were some problems with the building:  the elevator was hit & miss, the carpets & paint in the hallways needed attention, the carpets in most suites needed replacing as did the appliances.  We could live with those things, but when a young single mother & her dope smoking teen moved into the building it really became a problem.  She was away a lot, her son & his friends would smoke their dope in the stairways & set off the fire alarms & everyone would have to evacuate the building.  When this happens 3 times a week for about 3 weeks in a row, even the fire department gets fed up!  So we moved to the north east side of the city.  It was closer to hubby’s work & the building was newer.

Unfortunately the building we moved into was built in 2007, so we have crappy wood construction so we can hear everything going on in any of the suites around us.  Most of the suites have beautiful hardwood floors, but these floors don’t cushion any of the noise from the other suites.  I can hear my neighbors vacuuming, urinating, vomiting & a whole host of other functions.  I gave up a beautiful view overlooking a manmade pond to look at another building so I don’t have to face south west & bake in the sun.  Our new building has central air, but it’s controlled by the building so it’s never quite cool enough.  But I guess I shouldn’t complain – most apartments in this city don’t have any air conditioning at all.

And, oh by the way, the elevator in this building breaks down a lot more than the elevator in the old building!