Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

For an insomniac I think a lot about sleep, like how can I get more sleep?  My biggest problem used to be trouble falling asleep, but it seems to be evolving, so now I also have trouble staying asleep.  Part of it is age, I know, as you get older you need to get up to the bathroom a whole lot more & it interferes with your sleep patterns.

Doesn’t it always seem when you need the most sleep is when you get the least amount?  Parents with newborn children get very little sleep just when they need a clear head to deal with a new person in their house.  Older adults get more tired by everyday life so they need their sleep, but their bodies betray them by making them need to urinate during the night more often.

Because I was born with a birth defect (spina bifida) I have always suffered from back pain.  I’ve been in physiotherapy numerous times to try to keep my back working.  I’m a side sleeper & use a side sleeper pillow.  I sleep in the position most people with back problems sleep in.  I lay on my side with my bottom leg straight out & my top leg bent at the knee & my top leg’s ankle resting on my bottom leg.  A pillow under my bent knee is very beneficial for more comfort.  I actually use a body pillow.  When asked by a physiotherapist how I sleep, she said you can always tell a person who has back problems because they instinctually find the best position to sleep in.

Hubby sleeps on his back with his arms behind his head which means both elbows are encroaching on my side of the bed.  Thank goodness he now sleeps in his recliner because of the arthritis in his back.  Now I get the bed all to myself!  Plus, with my insomnia, I need to read to fall asleep, so now I don’t have to put up with his complaining about the light being on. 😉

What about covers?  I use a sheet & a comforter but I can’t sleep if my feet are too hot or too cold.  90% of the time my feet are sticking out of the covers because my feet are too hot.  On rare occasions, when it’s really, really cold I put my feet under the covers.  Usually it only happens when I’m sick.

How do you sleep?  Do you have special pillows?  Or a special mattress?