Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Arts

There were so many comments & a lot of discussion about my last post in the A to Z Writing Challenge, so I thought I would continue with some of my sleeping woes to see if anyone else has had similar experiences.

Let me tell you right from the beginning – hubby doesn’t sleep in our bedroom anymore since he feels so much more comfortable in his recliner.  He has arthritis as well as acid reflux, so this makes sense for him.  I just enjoy having the whole bed to myself!

When we used to sleep in the same room, there were a lot of idiosyncracies to make our nights less than enjoyable for both of us.  I snore (need CPAP desperately) plus I cannot fall asleep unless I read in bed.  Hubby never reads in bed, but he cannot fall asleep without music or TV playing.  He sets the sleep function on his radio so music will play for an hour.  He falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, but I still have to listen to his music while he’s sleeping.  I’ve tried turning the music off once he falls asleep – he wakes up in a second.  If hubby gets up to pee in the night, then he resets the sleep function for music on his radio.  His music plays too loudly for me to be able to concentrate on my reading while my light bothers hubby.

Hubby sleeps often on his back with his hands up near his head.  But sometimes his right arm (the one closest to me when he sleeps) will rise in the air, seemingly of its own volition, & hover there.  It’s the oddest thing I’ve ever seen.  He’s sound asleep, but his arm is stuck straight up in the air from his shoulder.  The arm tends to hover right over my head & sometimes dips down as if it will smash me in the face.  This can go on for 20 minutes or more.  Once in a while it does drop down & does hit me.  It startles the heck out of me, especially if I’m just dropping off to sleep or I’m concentrating on my book.  I can’t blame hubby, it’s totally unconscious on his part.  But it does tend to add to my insomnia.

Another fun thing hubby does while he sleeps is he sometimes shouts.  He often jerks when he shouts too.  Most of his shouts are nonsensical, but they sound close to actual words like he’s afraid of being attacked.  It always scares me.

Do you or your spouse do anything odd or scary in your sleep?  I love to know the funny stories of how other people cope with oddities in their spouses.