Armed Staff at SchoolI found this story published by KLTV on the internet today & could not let this go by without comment:

Armed staff is now a reality at one East Texas school district. Union Grove Independent School District in Upshur County decided to allow staff members to carry weapons on campus. School officials say the decision to arm staff was made in response to recent shooting and threats directed towards schools across the nation. The signs are up on every campus, each saying the same thing: ‘The staff at Union Grove ISD are armed.’ Intended to be exactly what administrators hoped they’d be.

“Those signs are meant to be a deterrent, to anybody who may have ideas of something none of us want,” says superintendent Brian Gray.

“I’m really pleased that Union Grove is one of the first to do this. Our kids need to be safe,” says Diane Grabbs, whose son attends Union Grove schools.

“Faculty and teachers are comfortable with this you could walk through our halls wouldn’t know no different. Its a very well-regulated program. Just a select number of staff members,” Gray says.

District officials say that the selected staff is very well trained.

“Concealed handgun license, gone through psychological evaluations, hostage negotiation training as well as defensive tactical firearm training,” Gray says.

Grabbs, like many parents , has talked to her son about the armed staff.

“I think most of the kids that I have talked to, they feel safer. We’ve talked about it at the dinner table, our whole family is for it,” she says.

“If somebody comes into our campus and wants to do harm to our kids, we want that threat to be stopped as quickly as possible. People leave their most precious thing that they have in our charge every day. Our community supports it and they want us to protect their kids,” says Gray.

Union Grove is the first East Texas school district to implement armed staff on its campuses.”

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I think this is the most depressing article I have ever read!  How can people feel safer with more guns around?  Aren’t they worried about innocent people getting caught in the crossfire?  These are children we’re talking about.

Pardon me while I step down from my soapbox.