Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Arts

We are now into the time of year when long weekends are more frequent. It all started with what I often think of the first long weekend of summer (even though technically it’s still spring.)  I really don’t understand why Canada celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday when England doesn’t celebrate it, but I’m all for extra days off!  Since I’m currently unemployed it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to me, it just means hubby will be home an extra day.  And what does hubby do when he has extra time off?  He works on some kind of project!

A few weeks ago (when the weather started to warm up here), I started using our box fan to blow lightly over me at night when I was sleeping (still get night sweats).  As it got warmer, the fan got moved between the living room during the day & the bedroom at night.  It was getting tiring moving the fan all the time, so I asked hubby to buy me a small fan to stay in the bedroom full time.  Even though we have central air conditioning in our apartment, it doesn’t seem to cool too much yet & there are only registers in front of the windows to cool whole rooms.

Hubby never buys anything, even a fan, without researching all the alternatives.  After his research, hubby decided we needed a ceiling fan in the bedroom.  So he came home one day last week with one.  He planned to install the fan on the long weekend.  Sunday while I was napping, hubby started to install the fan.  Hubby & I work very well together on home improvement projects.  By the time I awoke from my nap, hubby had the main part of the unit installed on the ceiling & we just needed to install the fan blades & the lights.  We got it all together & the lights didn’t work.  The fan would come on, but not the lights.  After much cursing on hubby’s part, I talked him into walking away from the project & leaving it for the next day.

The next day hubby returned the part of the unit that controls the lights to the store & they replaced it.  He came home & installed the new unit & the lights still didn’t work.  Much cursing followed again.  I dragged hubby out of the room & handed him the instruction manual again.  He re-read the wiring portion of the book, had a short nap & then re-tackled the wiring.  With me reading the instructions, he went through all the wiring again & found an electrical connection that had come loose when all the wires were being stuffed back into the unit.  The lights now work!  And I now have a fan with a remote so I don’t have to climb on the bed to reach the chain pulls.

Too bad hubby didn’t think about the insulation in the light he removed & let it sit on the bed all day while he installed the fan.  I got into bed the first night & boy did I itch until I figured out what was going on!