Long time no hear from Marguerite. Re-blogging so maybe some of my followers might be interested in donating. Also I think Robin Rhino is a cute name!

Inner Whispers

My friend and neighbor, Jonellen Thompson, recently returned from a fabulous trip to South Africa where she volunteered at the Balule Wildlife Conservation Project for two weeks.  Jonellen is an ardent animal advocate and when she learned of an opportunity to save four rhinos from poachers, she immediately grabbed the chance to help.  She tells her story below and gives directions so that anyone who may be inclined to help may do so.

The funds need to be collected by June 5, 2013.  All assistance, whether monetary or passing along of information, is gratefully accepted!

Here’s Jonellen’s story:

I recently returned from South Africa where I volunteered for a few weeks at the Balule Wildlife Conservation Project in the Balule Nature Reserve/Olifants West Nature Reserve in Greater Kruger National Park. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The program is run by the nature reserve’s game warden, Craig…

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