Credit:  Microsoft Clip Arts

Credit: Microsoft Clip Arts

Yesterday I posted my 200th post! I didn’t even acknowledge it because I didn’t realize what was happening until I’d already pushed the Publish button. You see, I’ve been a little distracted the last couple of days.

On Sunday, I had a bit of a fall – nothing serious, don’t panic.  I stepped on the wood piece used to make the transition between our hardwood floors & the slate in the bathroom.  It has a slight slant, I was barefoot & because my foot hit it just right I went sliding, overcompensated & ended up landing on my knees & hands, banging my hip on the door jamb on the way down.  But due to knee problems & lingering effects from my broken wrist, I needed help from hubby getting up.  The fall hurt me in mind, body & spirit.

My mind was hurt because I panicked when I couldn’t get up by myself which of course triggered a panic attack.  I couldn’t go into my normal desceleration routine because I was on the floor & panicking about not being able to get myself up.  The first panic attack triggered another & then another.  With that much adrenaline in my system, it was difficult to get the panic attacks under control.  Panic attacks leave me feeling tired & vulnerable for days afterwards.

I was hurt in my body by banging my knees, one shin, jarring my previously broken wrist & bruising my right hip.  My upper arms are also paining me because hubby put his hands under my arms to help me up.

I was hurt in my spirit because it slammed home to me that I am getting older & I’m not in as good shape as I used to be.  The last time I fell I fractured a wrist & being in pain from a fall again I was concerned I might have broken something.  This fall has left me feeling fragile & afraid.  What if hubby hadn’t been home?  What if I had broken something again, maybe this time a hip?

It’s going to take a while to get my confidence back & to stop feeling so fragile.