I've Been Diagnosed with CRSAs hubby & I are aging, our conversations are getting more interesting (read frustrating) all the time.  Hubby & I agreed we wanted to make our version of chicken parmesan for dinner tonight.  This is what it sounded like in my place when hubby came home from work tonight:

Hubby:  “Why do you have chicken fingers thawing on the counter?”

Me:  You asked me to take out chicken cutlettes for dinner.”

Hubby:  “I wanted chicken burgers!  I know I told you chicken burger patties!  Why would you think I want chicken fingers?  We can’t make it with chicken fingers.”

Me:  “Crap!  You did say chicken burgers – sorry, I forgot!  I had it in my head we were using chicken cutlettes & so when I saw the box in the freezer called chicken cutlettes, I took them out to thaw.”

Hubby:  “Even though it says chicken cutlettes on the box, they are really chicken fingers.”

Me:  “I didn’t know that, it said cutlettes, so I took out cutlettes.  I thought they looked rather small & I wondered if you had realized what you had bought.”

Hubby:  “Well, they’re thawed now so we can’t re-freeze them.  We’ll just have to use these.”

Hubby & I start bustling around the kitchen starting to work on dinner.  I handed hubby the pasta pot.

Me:  “We should get the water on for the spaghetti right away, the sauce is leftover from yesterday so it will only take a few minutes to warm.”

Hubby:  “We had spaghetti last night, why would I cook spaghetti again tonight?”

Me:  “It’s the side dish for the chicken.”

Hubby:  “We’ve never used spaghetti as the side dish!”

Me:  “Of course we have, all the time.”

Hubby:  “No we haven’t!”

Me:  “OK, if you don’t want spaghetti what do you want for a starch?”

Hubby:  “Starch?  What do I care about starch?  Noodles or something!”

Me:  “Noodles – just like spaghetti?”

Hubby:  “Ok, Ok, we’ll do it your way & have spaghetti!”

Those of you who know me at all, know if I get resistance to how I do anything at all, my first inclination is to walk away & let the other person do it.  If they feel strongly enough to argue with me about the way something should be done, then they can do it themselves.  This is how hubby inherited loading the dishwasher as a chore.  So I walked away from the kitchen & went into the living room & puttered around while I left hubby to cook the dinner.  Of course, I knew he was irritated because he banged around with the pots, etc.

In the end, we had a very nice dinner.  We agreed to disagree about how often we had eaten this particular meal in the last few years, about whether I came up with the idea for this meal or hubby came up with the idea, whether we had ever eaten it with spaghetti or not.

It seems like this is becoming a habit in our communication.  We’re not fighting like in all out war, but we’re both becoming so forgetful it’s hard to know who is right anymore.  I’ve taken the stance of letting go rather than actually fighting about it.  Hubby hasn’t quite got there yet.